the JōbuFIT Adventure, the beginning

Fun Fact: Okinawa, Japan was the 1st time I ever owned a business of my own. And it’s where the JōbuFIT Adventure began.

Until my time in Japan, I would book the occational commerical and I was working as an independent contractor in a few different ways: dance teacher, dance technician (teaching dancers how to use their bodies in a healthy way to prevent injury), and Pilates Instructor. More on that later… back to Okinawa.

While on the island I was looking to teach dance and Pilates. Because, let’s face it, as a newlywed in a new country I needed something to do. But the gyms that held fitness classes and spaces that held dance classes told me they were all booked for the term. I would have to sub until someone moved off island or a time slot opened up. So I was back to having all the time in the world.

Fast fwd to having lunch with a girl friend. She already owned her own business on the island, let’s call her N. N sat across the table from me and told me, “just go for it already!” This was not the first lunch where I told N about my desire to be active and creative with my time in Okinawa. She had sat across from me for a few lunch times now and quietly listened to my ideas and musings. N even counseled me on how to start my own business on the island. So I had already begun the planning.
I started planning out the advert,
planning the free intro class,
purchasing the freebies I planned on handing out – like food and water
even planning the packages I was planning to offer to people.

I did everything but act and get people in the door!

I am sure, at that “just go for it already lunch” she had hit her limit with me. N was sick of hearing another excuse as to why I hadn’t published the advertisement in the local online marketplace and sick of hearing about my planning. It was at that lunch I decided to take her advice and just go… I didn’t feel ready, but I learned not feeling ready is a constant emotional state when starting- and owning- a business of your own.
[Let’s fondly refer to this emotional state as the JōbuFIT adventure.] The act of posting that ad is what I consider the beginning of my JōbuFIT Adventure. I hadn’t even thought of bringing the Japanese healthy practice back to the States yet, but that advertisement did give me the courage to know I can create and succeed.

So why did I tell you this JōbuFIT origin story of sorts? 
Because I am dedicating this year, 2019, to combining the physical with the mental.


Sometimes you need a little emotional support in your work or mental push off your center to help get that proverbial ball rolling. Sometimes you need to bounce an idea around with a friend or coworker to know where you stand and where to go next. And sometimes to rock your next presentation you need constructive criticism from an equal, a colleague.

We all know the saying: no man is an island. With all the technology we hind behind, sometimes it is good to be reminded that real human interaction can help us succeed. Not to mention it’s good for your mental health, which in turn, is good for your physical well-being. ( <- more on that next week)

Cheers to 2019 and remember to work it out,


P.S.- In case you were wondering: I had such a high RSVP rate that I needed to host two intro classes. And that day I kicked off my Pilates business. I began with 5 weekly mat classes and more than a half dozen private reformer Pilates weekly sessions. AlePilates was open for the 3 years I lived on the island. Did I mention, I opened the 1st to the island Pilates Studio and started hosting classes for Japanese and Americans… but more on my translation skills later.


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