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A new and improved JōbuFIT healthy living program.

This Updated Interactive Program includes:

  • quick, easy, and healthy body adjustments that will create proper alignment to reduce body pain and increase body awareness. Say sayonara to tech neck and sleeping butt syndrome.
  • express movement routines to end the sitting is the new smoking epidemic.
  • simple skills to help you identify and squash stress before it takes over your day.
  • healthy living reminders that fit into your schedule instead of after your jam-packed day.
  • short, actionable challenges that change your mindset to help you build a strong body wherever your workday takes you.
  • daily guidance and coaching from Alessa, taking you step-by-step towards a healthier body and mindset. Ready for anything your workday throws at you.
  • a supportive community of other professionals to help you stay motivated, engaged, and active.

JōbuFIT - The New Healthy Workplace Lifestyle

Improve your hard-working body by 1% daily