A Simple Fix for Tired Computer Eyes

Eyes are the windows to your soul, right? So when do tired eye say about you?

More than 86% of the US workforce has a computer-based job. Meaning professionals arrive at work, sit down, and stay almost completely in that position until they go home. There is all this buzz about sitting is the new smoking [get some sitting tips here], tech neck, and sleeping butt syndrome, but what about your eyes?! They are doing a lot of them work as well!

The muscles that hold your eyes in their sockets may be small but they work hard too! Mini breaks from your computer screen can make all the difference in your productivity and energy levels. Below you will find some of my 2-minutes-or-less eye exercises designed with your eyes in mind.


Start Here:

Roll your eyes. Let your eyes relax and roll them in a complete circle. Try to create the largest circumference possible without moving your head.
Tip: make sure you are seated, and when you first try this you may want to place your hands on a stable surface like your desk or chair arms.
Challenge: Roll your eyes one full circle right, then left. Once you have that down, try different speeds.


The Rest. Each hour challenge yourself to close your eyes and count down from ten. Focus on your breathing, feel face soften, and let your eyes and the muscles in your face completely relax.


Look Around. Take a moment to acknowledge the world around you. Using your eyes, take a moment to look out the window, at the plant on your desk, count the tiles under your feet, just give your eyes a break from looking at things that glow: your computer, phone, or desk light.