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We are so thankful, grateful, and love the love we are shown by our friends in the media. And, we want to share it with you!


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Check out Tip #1 where yours truly is first! …falling asleep and staying asleep, get the sleep you need to for a good day.




Check out the 8th Fitness Expert! …get some perspective on home gym equipment and learn some new weight loss tips.




Quoted by our friends over at Bustle! …sugar substitutes are defiantly not for everyone. It’s not uncommon to experience headaches and even migraines.




This is a great Article! …follow Alessa’s 2 tips to getting rid of back pain, starting from the bottom and working the way up. 




Quoted on how to prevent workplace injuries! …even little things like adjusting your seat can prevent chances of pain and injury.




Perfect advise for beginners! …start small and work your way up to those longer harder reps.


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