Jōbu Travel Posture – Protect Your Body To Arrive Ready to Go!

Summer is in full swing! And that means travel, travel, travel! My latest visit to Good Morning Washington had me talking about ways to protect our bodies while traveling because no one wants to arrive at a fun-in-the-sun holiday needing to slow things down.

I used this segment to show viewers how our bodies should be positioned around the things we travel with to keep our bodies strong and physical fatigue away. Below is a recap of everything I talked about, and I have even shared the link if you want to take a peak! 

Happy Travels! 

Proper body alignment while traveling means we are able to move through our lives- and summer holidays- with strong able bodies. Let’s begin this travel posture lesson with the computer bag

These steps can really be used to for any small carry-on type bag:

. Carry the bag close to your torso. Tighten the strap so that it isn’t bouncing around your hips or legs

. When walking long distances, like throuhg a large airport terminal, wear the bag in front or behind you to help keep a balanced, level gait.

. Carry a bag with an adjustable cross-body strap. That way you can adjust the strap so the center of the bag is at hip height.


The wheeled suitcase:

I have 4 tips for traveling with a piece of luggage that has wheels.

  1. Invest in luggage that has 4 wheels.
  2. On level ground push the bag on- all 4 wheels- at arms length to your side. Be sure to not lock your elbow.
  3. On an incline, pull the bag behind you. Being sure to keep your body upright, taking big steps, and keeping your elbow long.
  4. On a decline, make sure the luggage goes down first. This will allow your body to stay upright and you won’t rish getting knocked over by a heavy piece of luggage.


Stroller Travel, because summer holidays are a family affair:

. Lead with your belly, not your hunched shoulders. Traveling with small children can be stressful. Stress can cause tension which leads to bad posture. Fight fatigue by standing tall, holding your core, and think of your belly leading you and your stroller.

. Keep the stroller in front of you, not under your body. The stroller is designed to support your little one not you. So help your gait by keeping the arms reaching forward. That way your body won’t have to adjust the way it moves just because it has to walking behind a stroller.





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