How to maintain your physique on vacation this summer

Maximize your vacation while minimizing your waistline

Kayla Incorvaia

Thanks to a study done by R.D.  Michelle Shepherd at the University of Georgia 61 percent of Americans gain weight while on vacation; they refer to this statistic as ‘creeping obesity’. According to the article posted on Men’s Health, there IS a way to stick to your diet while on vacation- follow the 12-step plan. Some of these suggestions, like #1. book a room with a kitchen, is a detail that needs to be planned out months in advance, and is sometimes just not possible. But I really believe the article gets it right in tip #7, wake up and workout. It’s great if your hotel has a fitness center, but why not try some early morning exploring on foot outside of your hotel? Go for a power walk through your temporary host city and get in a JōbuFIT #nothoughtlegworkout !! Just remember – especially if you are in a country that doesn’t speak your mother tongue- pack the hotel’s business card in case you get lost.

61% of Americans gain weight while on vacation

These 12 steps, taken from the written by Rachael Schultz will help you maximize your vacation while minimizing your waistline. The tips are as follows:


  1. Book a room with a kitchenhiking
  2. Stock your fridge
  3. Pack snacks
  4. Weigh what’s worth it
  5. Stay hydrated
  6. Let yourself sleep in
  7. Wake up and workout
  8. Plan an active excursion every day
  9. Always have breakfast
  10. Eat frequently
  11. Control the chaos
  12. Sip smarter


To find out more information on each tip visit Men’s Health.

Extra weight shouldn’t be the souvenir we bring home to remember our fabulous trip -lets not to be part of that statistic.








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