Holiday Stressors and Coping

The Holidays are not always jolly and bright…picking out the perfect gift for your friends and family while being crunched for time is STRESSFUL. Take a look at the 11 main holiday and ways to cope with them:


1.Crowds and long lines

-Take a deep breath-everyone is waiting in the same line! Just think how relieved you’ll be after

2. Gaining weight

– It’s the same song and dance every year- focus on small portions and resisting

3. Getting into debt

-Spend special attention to sales and bargains-it’s the thought that counts!

4. Gift shopping

-Make a list & Keep it simple. Gift-giving shouldn’t be a competition of who gives the best gifts

5. Traveling

-We travel to spend the holidays with those we love…The hassle is worth the reward!

6. Seeing certain relatives

-Keep conversations simple, remember you don’t have to see them everyday

7. Seasonal music

-It’s hard to escape this time of year…sing one of your favorite tunes in your head to block it out

8. Disappointing gifts

-Hosting comes with many stressors in itself- go out of respect for your host/hostess

9. Having to attend holiday parties or events

-Even if it means mustering up every last ‘nice bone’ in your body- kindness goes a long way

11. Holiday tipping

-Don’t neglect those who have been of service to you all year long






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