Holiday Fitness Help for your Brain and Body

Holidays are a time of reflection, family, and well, indulging – sometimes a bit too much. So get ahead of the game. Get some holiday fitness help. Establish healthy movement and eating routines before the holidays kick into high gear and there will be no need for a new year, new you boost- you will already be your fab self.


Try these simple solutions and get the holiday fitness help your body deserves:

  • Start your day with a morning stretch session
  • Drink more water throughout the day.
  • Find some time to meal prep- you don’t have to go to planning extremes, just organize what proteins you plan to consume through the week so you don’t jump to the takeout menus.
  • Go for a stroll after dinner.

Keep reading for some how-tos…

Try this stretch when your feet hit the floor:

Simple, right? Want a few more? TRY THESE.

And how about those holiday dinners!

Holiday dinners can be a marathon for the books. So in the spirit of the holidays and getting ahead of the problem, drink plenty of water throughout the day and establish healthy eating habits now. My family eats a pretty standard Mediterranean Diet. Mostly because it is in my blood, quite literally – we are of Italian descent so that’s what I grew up eating. I also believe that dieting should be easy- if you love a good hamburger, don’t go vegan. You can check out everything I do diet-wise HERE.

Want more healthy eating inspo? Follow this link and scroll up or down. I know you will find something that fits your lifestyle.

This is probably my favorite healthy habit:

Walking. I do my best thinking, when I get in a solid #nothoughtlegworkout , I can bring along my pup, and I can even include my whole family when I feel like it.

Adding a nice walk after dinner will ensure that your brain AND body are both tired, relaxed, and ready for tomorrow. And during the holidays, this could be key especially when dealing with those overbearing family members.

Think of this holiday season as a way to finish the year strong. Use these tips as solid holiday fitness help. Establish healthy habits both in your workspace and with family. Your body and brain will thank you.