Find your FITness Studio

Working out is tough, finding a good studio shouldn’t be.


Looking for the right fitness class can be a challenge with Pilates, Yoga, Cycling, and Barre Studios popping up like Starbucks Coffee Shops these days. How does the fitness newbie, or even the seasoned fitness enthusiast for that matter find the diamond in the rough?

These are my suggestions for finding the right studio and teacher to reach your fitness goals:gymequipment-2

Before I even go to the studio: 

1.Does the studio you are looking at answer their phones?/ Do they have a voicemail?

This may seem silly- who wouldn’t answer their phone when running a business- but I actually had a studio owner tell me, when I arrived an hour later for my class, “sorry I was talking with a client so I couldn’t answer the phone.””How in the world is this studio still open?!” was the only thought going through my mind. When a studio doesn’t have voicemail, and doesn’t pick up calls they are actively ignoring potential new clients and probably won’t give you the attention you deserve if you do choose to become a paying customer.

2. Does the studio post class schedule online?

I understand scheduling private instruction is not something you can do unless you are actually speaking with an employee, but when it comes to group lessons, if the studio has an online presence (and who doesn’t these days) there should be an online schedule.

They are hiding something otherwise.

3. Does the studio post class pricing online?

This goes back to questions two, what are you hiding if the pricing isn’t in plain sight?

The studio space itself:

4. Is the space welcoming?

Let’s face it, if you are potentially going to spend a lot of money and time here, you should like the way the studio looks. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it should be inviting, not intimidating.

5. Is the space clean (bathrooms, locker rooms, sitting area)

Check out every inch of the place before you decide; you should get a good feeling for the studio’s commitment to your health.

The class Instructor (my personal top priority)

6. Did the instructor engage you when you entered the room, or at least before the class began? (What’s your name? Do you have any injuries? Are you new to this type of workout?)

These may seem like silly questions, but if the teacher doesn’t acknowledge you from the start, chances are you aren’t going to get the corrections you need and deserve throughout class.

7. ***Do I want to look like the instructor?***

This is the end all be all for me. I AM NOT SAYING THIS TO BE JUDGEMENTAL. But chances are if the instructor is teaching the class it is because they believe in the program, they take this style of class frequently, and/or they do the workout daily. They should be a perfect example of what you can attain by following this style class. SO YOU SHOULD WANT TO LOOK LIKE THE CLASS LEADER!


So, remember to be picky, ask about trying a class for free, or new client discounts; there is nothing worse than handing over your credit card to sign up for 6 months because it is cheaper than just doing an introductory month and finding out you really don’t like the workouts.

Happy Searching! Happy Workouts! Happy Bodies!

Be FIT. Be Productive. Be JōbuFIT.


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