Desk Accessories: Stay Focused, Comfortable, and Productive

Productivity is the name of the game for your workday. There are a few nonnegotiables when it comes to productivity in your workspace: screen, keyboard, mouse, phone. But there are other things, sitting on our desk, that hold more value than we give them credit for. When it comes to desk accessories, serving a purpose doesn’t mean they can’t also look nice. In fact, creating a space you want to be in will make you more productive. And, adding a few happy reminders like plants and pictures of loved ones are a great way to give your brain an extra motivating push and mini-break when your workday gets the best of you.

That’s why we’ve compiled a few of our favorite sunny desk accessories to help when feelings like stress, fatigue, and anxiety creep into the workday. Check out the complete list here.

Shop them, try them, and have a productive day:

Desk accessories, like this stapler and magnetic paperclip holder, are one of the easiest ways to put some pep into your workspace
This Memobottle is a perfect example of a place where design meets functionality. (No, I am not paid to say that.) It does its job helping you stay hydrated, and it sits in a bag nicely- because it is flat. Saving your body and fashion, let’s call it is win-win.
Bring the outdoors inside with perfectly placed succulent planters.
This Marble Ceramic Coffee Mug will brighten up any morning arrival.
Managing all of your paperwork doesn’t have to be scary, stay organized with this Expanding Letter Organizer.

Organization tools like folders, and healthy helps like water bottles, are a great place to start when accessorizing because these things are there to help with your day not clutter your space. See our full desk favorites list HERE.

Just remember, before you leave your workspace, organize your desktop and desk accessories, it will help your mindset when you begin your next day.

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