Fall into Posture Success

A little flashback for this September Friday. We may not be back to school or work in our traditional, pre-COVID ways, but taking a moment to assess the way we wear essential accessories will never go out of style. So, let’s talk backpacks. Posture success…


Fight Zoom Fatigue

2020 has been a year of change, adjust, and repeat. Every aspect of our lives is in flux. Digital meetings have become one of the few constants- for better and worse. Interacting with clients, loved ones, and everyone in between has gone the digital route….

Your Workplace Toolkit Suppliments

Fit Fitness Into Your Workspace

Hi Ultimate Workspace Toolkit User! Your 5 workbook moves and fun song come to life in the below videos. Use them in good health! 5 Workspace Moves Sky – Shoulders – Knees – Toes videos’ password: toolkit Alessa’s Tips: Bookmark this page so you can…