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Italian People Live over age 100

The short list to longevity  Kayla Incorvaia According to an article on, Alan Maisel, MD, a cardiologist at the University of California San Diego, conducted a study that lead him to discover a few tips that lead to a lifetime of longevity. The study was…


Standing up to health

Quit sitting down and start standing up to your health Kayla Incorvaia For those who work desk jobs and have long commutes, you may find yourself sitting for over eight hours in a 24-hour period, that’s over one-third of your day. Think about the approximate…


Extremist: Carissa Zenorini

Finding balance between your work, adventure, & fitness You too can have it all when it comes to fitness and your health; I am going to show you how via hard-working professionals JUST LIKE YOU. And, to kick it all off, we have Carissa Zenorini of Absolute…

Your Workplace Toolkit Suppliments

Fit Fitness Into Your Workspace

Hi Ultimate Workspace Toolkit User! Your 5 workbook moves and fun song come to life in the below videos. Use them in good health! 5 Workspace Moves Sky – Shoulders – Knees – Toes videos’ password: toolkit Alessa’s Tips: Bookmark this page so you can…


Repeated Hits, Not Concussions

Hit without a “blackout” can still cause major brain injuries.   Athletes have always amazed me; probably because we no longer have gladiators or any other career that is based on the physical capabilities of the human body. With that said, and with everything modern medicine can…


Find your FITness Studio

Working out is tough, finding a good studio shouldn’t be.   Looking for the right fitness class can be a challenge with Pilates, Yoga, Cycling, and Barre Studios popping up like Starbucks Coffee Shops these days. How does the fitness newbie, or even the seasoned…