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Kayla Incorvaia   It’s finally summer and none of us can wait to get out of work to enjoy the beautiful weather. An article posted on by Amy Schlinger explained the benefits of working out first thing in the morning; doing so will leave…


Anatomy Monday: Skeletal System

  We only get one body- there are no upgrades or trade-ins. Learn about it. Understand how it works. Protect it. Knowledge is Power.     Monday, 18 July, 2016 The PATELLA AND THE KNEE JOINT The knee joint is made up of FOUR separate bones:…


Ties for your run

Kayla Incorvaia   Running can be painful as it is, lets try to avoid injury as much as possible. shows us 10 different techniques on how to tie your shoe based on the shape of your foot so that it doesn’t become untied while…


How to make the most out of your gym time

Tips to speed up fitness goals Kayla Incorvaia  Many people find the perfect gym and visit it multiple times a week but aren’tseeing the results they’re striving for. Women’s Health Magazine mentioned 9 super useful points that can help accelerate your results. The article is a short…


Italian People Live over age 100

The short list to longevity  Kayla Incorvaia According to an article on, Alan Maisel, MD, a cardiologist at the University of California San Diego, conducted a study that lead him to discover a few tips that lead to a lifetime of longevity. The study was…


Standing up to health

Quit sitting down and start standing up to your health Kayla Incorvaia For those who work desk jobs and have long commutes, you may find yourself sitting for over eight hours in a 24-hour period, that’s over one-third of your day. Think about the approximate…


Extremist: Carissa Zenorini

Finding balance between your work, adventure, & fitness You too can have it all when it comes to fitness and your health; I am going to show you how via hard-working professionals JUST LIKE YOU. And, to kick it all off, we have Carissa Zenorini of Absolute…