Anatomy Monday: Respiratory System

Breathing focuses our mind and steadies our body.

This month learn about how your lung support you in your day-to-day activities.

Learn about your body.

Protect your body.

You only get one- there are no upgrades or trade-ins.



28 November, 2016

Microbe-Fighting Machine

The lungs are a mean, clean, microbe-fighting machine! (Microbes are microorganisms, especially bacterium causing disease or fermentation.) Just think about how often you breathe in each day, and then realize that with each breath you are at slight risk for breathing in an infection. That’s an impressive immune system your lungs have.



21 November, 2016

Fresh Oxygen

With each breathe that we take, our lungs are exchanging carbon dioxide from our old blood for oxygen in our new blood. You may know this already, but it is an elegant system that we shouldn’t take for granted because some complex chemistry laws are at work in the underpinnings!

Without Fresh oxygen, our daily activities would be impossible.



14 November, 2016


In some exercise regiments, we are instructed to “breathe out all of the air” from our lungs. It may feel as though you have achieved this but, luckily, this is physically impossible. There is always residual volume left in your lungs. If our lungs were able to be evacuated of all air, then they would collapse on themselves and prohibit air flow from ever occurring again!



7 November, 2016

Lung Capacity

We don’t always utilize our entire lung capacity. In fact, when we are in our normal “resting state”, some areas of our lungs do not inflate at all. Exercising require more oxygen, so as we breath in our lungs expand to fill up with more fresh air. Exercise gives your body, including your lungs, a workout.