WEN Networking Brunch at the YWCA Bergen County

Brunching with ladies who want to protect their bodies through power posture, that was my morning at the YWCA Bergen County.

It is so nice to share my passion for fitness with other professional woman.

I hope all the ladies enjoyed the morning as much as I did.

In case you missed it- or if you are just not a NJ local-  check out a few of the things we talked about. ⬇


Let’s make this super simple: sitting is the new smoking– and brings a laundry list of health issues with it.



I know we walked through the steps of sitting correctly, but if you need a refresher or a future reference you can READ THEM ALL HERE. So try the Jōbu-Setup and build a strong foundation your body can function properly on.


Strong bodies in the workplace and beyond don’t have to be an hour long process. It can begin with the Jōbu-Setup and continue with a daily 8-min or less video workout. Best part you can do all of this from your personal work space, and, by this point, you should believe me when I tell you this won’t make you feel uncomfortable in your professional office setting.



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Here’s a refresher on some of the stretches with did at the brunch:

The Wrist Stretch

We don’t pay enough attention to our wrists. Weather we are typing, writing, or TEXTING, your wrists need a break too. So flex and bend your wrists up and down and pull with the opposite hand. Just don’t hold either position for too long you don’t want to overextend .


The Shoulder Stretch

Start with your chin tucked down and swing one arm over your head. Using the other hand grab the elbow and lift your chin up. This is great to stretch arms, neck, and release tension in the shoulders. Just don’t forget to do the other side.


The Hip Stretch

Many people sit for long periods of time in this position and never switch sides. That is why this stretch is so important. Just make sure you press down on the front of your knee, not up on your femur (or quad). This will insure you don’t put excess pressure on your knees. Just don’t forget to stretch both sides!


Since the summer is here it is extra important to practice proper posture because you no longer have those big comfy sweaters and warm jackets to hide under. Also, let’s not stress over getting bikini body ready, instead, let’s practice standing Jōbu (aka strong) so we can loose those 5 pounds and protect our bodies while we are at it.




If you made it this far you are really serious about your physical health and posture. ?

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