How to make the most out of your gym time

Tips to speed up fitness goals

Kayla Incorvaia 

Many people find the perfect gym and visit it multiple times a week but aren’tseeing the results they’re striving for. Women’s Health Magazine mentioned 9 super useful points that can help accelerate your results. The article is a short read and worth taking a look at for tips and inspiration when beginning your fitness journey.

Here are my favorite points:

The first point is “You’re not working hard enough”

Finding the motivation to go to the gym after a long day of work is a challenge in itself. But don’t waste that one hour you have at the gym by walking on the treadmill. I find myself acting sluggish at the gym at times too and have to remind myself to give it my all if I want to get something out of that workout. Always give yourself that extra push for the best results.

My second favorite point is “You avoid dumbbells”

I’ll admit, dumbbells can be intimidating. Especially when they are crowded by people who put up 100’s like it’s a 10 lb weight. But don’t fear something that can be the most beneficial to you. Lifting weights will give you the definition you’ve been longing for while burning twice the calories-from the workout itself and from the muscles they build.


These were two of my favorite tips from the Women’s Health article. Before you perfect your gym routine, make sure you have found a gym space that is right for you.

Be FIT. Be Productive. Be Jōbu.


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