Winter Weekend Workouts

The only thing worse than crawling out of your warm home in the dead of winter to go workout is crawling out of your warm home in the dead of winter to go workout, alone.


It’s cold. It’s cloudy. And all we want to do is cuddle. But, if you can’t skip a workout, neither can your significant other!

Grab a partner and workout!

Drag them along, encourage them to encourage you. This is the perfect time to get started on that summer body so that you’re not vigorously trying crash diets the week before your summer vacation.

No matter what time of the year it is, we will find excuses for ourselves. “It’s too cold, it’s too hot. It’s nice out, I want to enjoy the weather.” Don’t let this be you or your loved one. Weekend workouts in the winter can be hard, be they can also be fun and productive.

Walking around the block isn’t the only thing you can do for a winter workout. Try these:

  • Shovel snow together -> great upper body
  • Go sledding; climb to the highest hill -> great fun and awesome lower body workout
  • Put on all your snow gear and hike through the snowy streets before they’re plowed -> can you say, “CAR-DI-O”

Set aside an hour, or even a half hour to dedicate to a workout- one that you will give your all to and make the most of every minute of it. Best part: once you start pushing yourself, these struggles will become habits. who doesn’t want a healthy weekend habit?!

As warm and cozy as the couch may this winter, get up and work towards those New Year’s Fitness goals you set in January. Make 2017 your most productive year yet!


Be Fit. Be Productive. Be Jōbu.

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