Who should add JōbuFIT- the 8 min or less workout – to their daily fitness routine? You, really it’s you.

Fitness should be for all! And the JōbuFIT daily fitness routine is designed for everyone. New workouts delivered to your inbox. These workouts will keep you engaged and target a different muscle groups each week.

Being healthy doesn’t need to be hours a week. Short (less than 8 minutes at a time) functional fitness routines can set your body up for a protected, productive, and strong day.


JōbuFIT functional fitness will train your body to move within its strongest, most jōbu position:  proper posture. We use proper body placement as a starting point for every video. The daily fitness routines combine easy, small, workplace appropriate moves that can be done anywhere, by anyone.

Go ahead, add the newest healthy habit to your busy lifestyle.


So, why should YOU be Jōbu?!


  • Traditional Office Professional: workout, protect your body, increase productivity.


  • Traveling Professionals: take your physical fitness with you; wherever you have to be, JōbuFIT follows.


  • Stay at Home Parents: complete a workout in less time than it takes the kiddies to eat lunch! And help build a strong body to run, play, and pick up those growing little humans ?


  • Retirees: Daily routines keep your body limber and mobile and most videos are completed from your chair.


Think about all you accomplish in a day. You owe it to the wonderful machine you call your home. So, protect your body through proper posture and short fitness routines.


proper posture isn’t just about being proper anymore; it’s about protecting your body to live a healthy life and age gracefully.


Join the movement.

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Be FIT. Be Productive. Be Jōbu.


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