When to Jōbu

JōbuFIT always helps to Stretch and Strengthen your Body
But did you know the time you choose to Jōbu can help you better protect, de-stress, or awaken your body.

Keep reading to find out just when you should Jōbu to get the most out of your subscription.

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Morning Jōbu to protect:
My college roommate used to tell me when we walked out of our dorm room each morning, “Alessa, it takes you a few steps to start walking correctly.” I never gave it much thought, but I knew what she was talking about. I needed to remind my body of proper alignment- it took a few steps to do that- and walking gave my body a good, simple wake up workout.
If you think this could be you too. I would suggest doing JōbuFIT first thing.

Wake up, brush teeth, wash face, Jōbu.
Get ready for work, drive to work, arrive at personal workspace, Jōbu.

Your body will benefit from starting your day the JōbuFIT way.

Midday Jōbu to de-stress:
If you have been following the Jōbu-Blog you have read The Case for JōbuFIT. And you probably already know the effects stress can have on your body.  If you haven’t checked out the Jōbu-Blog, what are you waiting for, but you probably also know daily life, professional or otherwise, can have its stresses. adding a bit of fitness to your day will help you shake off the stress and become more productive, healthy, and happier.
So I would suggest…

Go about your morning as usual, hit your productivity stride, hit a stressful hour or so, and add Jōbu here, THEN eat lunch.

Your boss will be happy and your body will feel amazing because you used exercise to de-stress.
Bonus: you might drop few pounds-> learn more here.

Afternoon Jōbu to awaken:
Yes, JōbuFIT can help you wake up if you add it to your mornings, but we all know the mid-afternoon slump is real! Don’t reach for the sugary snack; instead click on JōbuFIT!

Jōbu to power through the last few hours of your workday. It might even give you that little extra to motivate you to hit the gym post work.



However you choose to Jōbu will have positive effect on your body. We know it takes time to establish healthy habits, so follow our tips on How-to Jōbu in our last blog post to make remembering that much easier.

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Be FIT. Be Productive. Be Jōbu.


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