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JōbuFIT’s specialty is movement.

Movements to lower stress, increase productivity, and build a strong body all from the one place we have to be: the workplace.


Did You Know:

Your body, designed to have a certain alignment, has built-in curves and shock absorbers. When functioning within this alignment your body is at its strongest, and will help you deal with whatever you work day throws at you. But when alignment is altered it affects all of your everyday functions.

JōbuFIT’s education in movement and proper body alignment will:

  • Increase productivity
  • Give you a moment to stepback and de-stress
  • Reduce risk of injury and illness
  • Increase energy

For The Next 5 Days

As a thank you for attending a Power Posture Presentation, we would like to extend this special offer:

6 months of JōbuFIT videos for $50.

This subscription includes daily video email reminders, onboarding steps to insure this new healthy addition becomes a healthy habit, and access to our growing video library of workplace health questions answered.

This special offer expires July 17th

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