Maybe it is just the holidays beginning, or maybe it is because SO MUCH has changed in the past year. But I feel compelled to share a bit of thanks. I’ll try my best to not get all emotional.





The thankful journey began when…
I finished undergrad in Los Angeles at UCLA. All I wanted to do was dance. Nothing else mattered, but I did not feel Los Angeles was my permanent home. I began to feel New York City’s pull, and 6 months after my graduation, I moved back to the great city to find my place in the NYC dance scene. Not long after my move I broke my foot. Pilates then became my main source of income- not just something I did on weekends. It’s kind of silly to say but I am thankful for that accident.



*I am thankful I took the time, while my body was healing, to work on my FIT-self and dive deeper into the workings of amazingness that is the human body.



*I am also thankful that I met my husband at this point. He loves adventure as much as I do and the United States Marine Corps took us to Okinawa, Japan.



*I am thankful for the healthy amazing country that Japan is, because my health journey was deepened by the example of the locals. They pay attention to the food they eat, the way the treat their bodies, and the respect they show to one another.



 *I am thankful that I saw the locals do their stretch and awakening routine every morning; and that I was able to see the benefits they received from this practice.



 *I am thankful for a loving and supportive husband who, when I told him what I wanted to bring back to the States, he told me to go for it. I brought back the idea for JōbuFIT.




*I am thankful for the rest of my family that has supported me and helped make JōbuFIT a reality.


*I am thankful for JōbuFIT’s Intern, videographer, photographer, web designers, actors, and beta testers.




I have been able to see this idea change, transform, and become what it has today

because of my experiences and all of you!

Thank you and have a happy, healthy, and Jōbu Thanksgiving.



Be FIT. Be Productive. Be Jōbu.



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