Simple Summer Changes

Little adjustments can go a long way to boost your healthy lifestyle.

Take small steps in the workplace and the rest of your life will be effected- I promise.

What better time to start implementing this change than when the weather is beautiful- Summer time!



Busy living- we all are doing it- but how do we keep our productive up, protect our bodies, and live healthy? Check out some of our Summer Inspirited #jobufitquickfix to give you an extra boost.

Give them a try and let us know what works best for you!


1. Drink More Water

The sun is out the temp is up. Sweating more means you need to pay extra attention to your hydration levels.

2. Take the Stairs!

3 flights of stairs = 45 calories. How many flights can you get in before the end of the day? No excuses when the AC is running in your office building.

3. Eat Your Lunch Outdoors

Enjoy the scenery, you will eat slower and get fuller faster.

4. Grab a Friend

Going for an afternoon coffee? grab a friend and do a walk around the block before getting your afternoon caffeine fix.⠀

5.Walk Home from Work

Enjoy the extra daylight, and while you stroll get in a #nothoughtlegworkout



Add all of these tips to your everyday – not just your work days.

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Your Body and Your Boss will THANK YOU this summer!


Be FIT. Be Productive. Be Jōbu.

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