Desk Stretches to stay Productive, Limber, and 丈夫 [Jōbu]

Your Jōbu- Stretch of the Summer.

These desk stretches are designed to be completed whenever you need a boost, 100% from your workspace- wherever that may be.


Stretching is great for your body, and these desk stretches are like the old saying, “killing two birds with one stone.” How could you not add these to your day?! Follow the video and have a Jōbu-Day!

Few Tips:

  • Make sure you do both sides.
  • To get a deeper stretch hold each position for a count of 30.
  • DO NOT bounce while stretching; instead breathe into the stretch.
  • You may be stretching, but that doesn’t mean your can’t practice proper posture! Pull that belly in and work on that strong core.


You can use this stretch to:

  • Wake up your body.
  • Help focus your mind.
  • Reduce pain that comes from sitting all day.
  • Realign your body after sitting improperly.


Now you know all the benefits of stretching… GET MOVING!

Your Body and Your Boss will thank you.


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