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Getting Started with JōbuFIT: The Setup

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JōbuFIT’s workouts can be completed 100% from your personal office space- be it a traditional cubicle or your personal setup in a quiet coffee shop corner. Our goal is sustainable high productivity all while you tone and stretch your hard working body. Our workouts are created to be completed daily, but our videos rotate weekly. Each week you will get a password, and link to your week’s JōbuWorkout.

Want daily reminders? We have you covered!  **Just be sure you provide your primary email address and add us to your address book- NO SPAM, that’s our promise.**

So, it doesn’t matter what plan you choose, you will be getting the same great workouts that you can complete in your professional attire wherever your office may be.

さようなら (sayonara) gym bag and こんにちは (kon’nichiwa) to higher productivity, better posture, and a stronger body!

Watch now.

We provide fitness for the whole company!

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