Stretch It Out (With the One You Love)

Love [and fitness] were in the air at my February Athleta Flatiron event. To celebrate Valentine’s Day I curated a Partner Stretching Class and we even finished with a couples toast!


Check out the recap in photos and stay tuned for the eBook… coming soon


The Wing-Grab Bear Hug:



The Love/Hate Hamstring Stretch: (step 1 and Step 2)


The Butterfly Open Hip Stretch:


The Rub down (the class was really all fun when it wasn’t painful):

The Final Foot Rub:


The Wonderful Couples of the Valentine’s Day Couples Class:



Kind provided our rewarding treats and we had some bubbly to toast with:


Stay Tuned for the eBood with Step by Step instruction to do with your partner…

Be FIT. Be Productive. Be Jōbu.