Standing up to health

Quit sitting down and start standing up to your health

Kayla Incorvaia

standingdesk For those who work desk jobs and have long commutes, you may find yourself sitting for over eight hours in a 24-hour period, that’s over one-third of your day. Think about the approximate eight hours per night we sleep, we are laying down, we sit on busses, trains, airplanes, and most often, in our cars. Then we go home and sit at the dinner table, the couch, the patio, another desk, etc.

It is time to get creative and incorporate more standing into our daily routines. According to, iconic men like Winston Churchill, Thomas Jefferson, Leonardo Da Vinci, Ernest Hemingway, Charles Dickens, and Vladimir Nabokov all used a standing desk because they believed it enhanced their physical and mental health while improving their work performance.

In the 18th century, these men proved that standing while working does in fact improves one’s health. After this trend was proved successful, it was carried out in the school systems to enhance students’ productivity.

The article explains that science has proven that standing while working does in fact improve bodily functions, circulation, metabolism, increases energy, muscular development and helps to maintain focus to work more efficiently.

Standing while working has recently been introduced by a company known by many, if not all-Facebook. According to, Facebook’s office now contains over 350 stand-up desks. Since workers noticed the benefits of working with a stand-up desk, there have been requests for more.

In order to optimize health in the workplace, it is important to switch between standing and sitting, neither for more than two hours at a time.

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