Anatomy Monday: Vertebral Column aka Your Spine

Our bodies can do amazing things.

Standing tall starts with strong bones.

Strong bones in proper alignment equals a strong body.

October is National Spinal Health Month.

Learn about your Spine. Protect it. Be Jōbu.


Oct 23, 2017

80% of Americans

Back Pain is among the most common reason for a physician visit – approximately 80% of Americans will suffer from this condition at some point during their lives. Poor posture can help ease back pain and increase productivity in the work place. Follow these tips for a Strong Spine.


Oct 16, 2017

Strong Spine

Over 120 muscles are contained in the spine, and the spinal column includes approximately 220 individual ligaments. Just think of how strong your body your spine is when it is properly aligned! Try the Jōbu- Setup to help build and Strong Spine and Body.


Oct 9. 2017


Your Healthy Height

Over one fourth of the spine’s total length is created from cartilage, a sponge-y substance that separates one vertebral disc from the next. Practice proper posture to stand tall- keep your healthy height- and protect your whole body!


Oct 2, 2017


There are thirty-three bones in the human vertebral column. The lower 9 are fused in Adults forming sacrum and coccyx.



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