JōbuFIT promises you fitness in the workplace and beyond. Try out these 5 exercises you can add to any shopping adventure and ShopFIT.


Holiday season strikes and we exist to socialize, shop, sleep, and repeat.

And none of these things are avoidable- like it or not. Even if you are shopping solely for yourself, you are out with the masses snatching the best deals at the busiest time of the year. So why not add fitness to your day, because let’s face it shopping at an American mall is never quick.


~ Your New ShopFIT Routine ~

The Search for Your Size Heel Raises 

Flipping through racks can take a while. Squeeze your bum and lift your heels every time you flip past another article of clothing, book, or electronic. Search and tone your calves all at the same time.


The Dressing Room Line (or any type of line) Knee-Ups 

Hold your great new finds directly out in  front of you; arms stretched long. Lift your knees in a marching motion as high as you can. Repeat until a dressing room opens or your arms feel like they are going to drop everything you are holding.


The Try It On Toe Touch 

The dressing room finally opens and you have a ton of things to try on. Give your back a break and your legs a good stretch: touch your toes before and after trying on each great holiday find.


The Long Line Power Pose 

Step your feet slightly wider than your hips making sure your toes are pointed forward. Release any tension in your head, neck, shoulders, or spine and focus on your breathing. Pull your belly button towards your spine, and keep focusing on breathing. [See JobuFIT Setup] Step up this workout by adding in a few Kegels. Don’t forget, while waiting in line, you can add in a few Knee-ups also.


The On To the Next Store Bicep Curls.

You scored great deals and loaded them into your reusable shopping bags. Turn those heavy bags into something useful- weights. Holding your bags in each hand, turn your palms up, glue your elbows to your sides, and pull your hand to your shoulder. Only have one bag: do 10 with the right arm and then switch the bag and do 10 curls with the left arm. Bags too Light: Extend your arms out to shoulder height and curl arms to a 90 Degree angle.



Be FIT. Shop FIT. Be Jōbu.