Kayla Incorvaia


It’s finally summer and none of us can wait to get out of work to enjoy the beautiful weather. An article posted on by Amy Schlinger explained the benefits of working out first thing in the morning; doing so will leave time after work for those fun activities you’ve been planning all year. PLUS, the sun is up early, so why aren’t you?

The sun is up early, why aren’t you?!

Need more motivation? Our very first Extremist makes time for fitness first thing every morning- check out her work-life balance here.

If early morning fitness is STILL unthinkable, follow the 5 easy steps listed in the article. Make your impossible, possible:

  1. Eat right the night before
  2. Coax yourself to bed earlier
  3. Find something to look forward to
  4. Have an AM workout buddy
  5. Set up your morning ahead of time

One of the most important tips overall is to plan-mentally and physically- to ensure you follow through with your early workout agenda.



Visit to find about more about how to start off your new morning workout routine.


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