Posture Hero: Outdoor Dining and Working

The official end of Summer brings a renewed sense of job motivation. We are back to packed work schedules and working lunches. That’s why I want to point out this amazing #ladyboss Posture Hero. My hope is that this will inspire you to protect your body by practicing Power Posture!


Let’s begin with a glance at her knees, both feet are planted on the ground. This keeps her body even and her knees at a 90 degree angle. This knee position helps creates a strong lower body posture that helps to fight fatigue.


Now let’s look at the upper body. The spine is upright and shoulders are relaxed – NOT rounding forward. She is using her chin to glance down, not her entire upper body. This will allow her spine to stay in a neutral, S-curve position to minimize pain and muscle fatigue.

Side note: THIS is proper looking down posture. IF you first push your chin forward and then tilt down – I see this all the time- it can cause pain in the neck and shoulder and drastically reduce the oxygen compacity of you lungs


Lastly, this Spine-Shoulder-Neck-Head position allows her to keep her elbows in the correct position. With her elbows positioned slightly in front of her body, she is able to keep her wrists relaxed and freely move her fingers.

Note: forearms resting on the table top is stronger upper body placement, but these bench seats were fixed to the table and ground; meaning she was not able to pull the bench in closer to the table.


Moral of the Story: She checked herself before she addressed her technology. She is using the chair; the chair is not using her.






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