New Year, Clean Cupboards

What do clean cupboards and fitness have in common? Not much, if we are being honest. But as I was researching New Year’s Resolutions one thing consistently came up- YOUR NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION WILL MOST LIKELY FAIL.




In fact, according to the University of Scranton, 92% of people will fail at their resolutions.

Now that negativity isn’t exactly what one looks for as we begin a new. But, how can we expect to succeed if our resolution goes something like, “I will workout more”? So I decided to become part of the 8% of Americans that successfully achieve their resolution. Here is how I plan to do it (explanation below):
1. Keep it simple.
2. Make lists.
3. Set an alarm.

Keep it simple.

Everyone wants this year to be their year for their perfect body, and hell, why shouldn’t it be?! But a “workout more” resolution is one of those sure-to-fail resolutions I was talking about. Instead say, “I will park in the last spot in my workplace parking lot so I can start my day with a short and consistent #nothoughtlegworkout Keep it simple. Keep it simple. Keep it simple. More simple fitness resolution ideas: CLICK HERE.

Make the list.

There are a few basic things around the house that I just keep putting off, one of which is kitchen organization. 2016 was a huge year of travel for my family, and with a toddler you have to travel with sippy cups and kid-sized silverware a plenty or you should just put a hole in your head. All the sudden autumn was here, travel slowed for a bit, and my cupboards looked like a tornado rolled through. Organizing them was on “my list”, but who has time when you have holiday shopping to accomplish?! So, when a friend asked about my new year’s resolutions and I responded with, Keep my house clean. She suggested I start small and KEEP IT SIMPLE. (Her 2016 New Year’s Resolution was to use reusable shopping bags when going to the food store- super simple, and 100% accomplishable.) With that advice I decided to make a list of the monthly house projects I plan to accomplish- and guess what?! January’s Project: Clean Cupboards is Accomplished!

Set an alarm.

My big personal resolution is not to workout more. (Although a few years back I did make a “walk more” resolution, and I still make a point to walk at least 2 miles a day- having a dog helps a lot with that.) This year I plan to keep a diary. When I was in school I was so great with journaling, it was my daily meditation, and my goal is to bring that back in 2017. Just 5 minutes a day. I have a shiny new diary and my alarm all set for this evening.

Lastly, if you have the “workout more” resolution bug like more of America might I suggest 2 things:
1. Keep your lists simple and attainable. AND
2. Sign up for JōbuFIT. You will get daily reminder emails and our workouts can be completed in 8-min or less SITTING DOWN.



Be FIT. Be Productive. Be Jōbu.



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