Momnesia: The effects of having two full-time jobs

When you get to know me you will learn that I have two full-time jobs. Job number 1, when speaking in terms of age, is my business. My son was born 3 months after my business and that’s when my 2nd full-time job kicked in. My body, mindset, financial stability, and schedule all changed at the same time.

It was a crazy time.

Momnesia kicked in.

It was during my pregnancy that I decided if I wanted to succeed at life, I needed to create some really healthy and time-saving habits. The first major thing I noticed changing- beside my prego body- was my memory. This was especially frustrating because I only had so much time to complete all the necessary paperwork before my son came into the world and my focus would have to switch to him. And I really did have a good memory before all these changes- I had a mental calendar of most outfits I wore going back months (this was before social media).

Momnesia is real, seriously.

When Cosmo asked if I was ever effected by Pregnancy Brain, aka momnesia, and I was so excited to discover that I was not the only woman effected.

Here is the full quote I shared with Carina Hsieh at Cosmo:

I’m Alessa Caridi (31), mother to an amazing 3.5 year old, and I live in Manhattan with my husband and son. My son is energetic and inquisitive, and with him I officially have 2 full-time jobs. (I am also a #mompreneur) Before having my son I was able to tell you exactly what outfit I wore going back months! This was before social media documented EVERYTHING too. I noticed my memory changing while I was pregnant. I would leave my keys in the door while entering my home. I would unpack all the groceries only to leave the meat on the counter til my husband came home to find it hours later. It hasn’t gotten worse as my son has grown, but it definitely hasn’t gotten better. Now, if it isn’t written down there is no guarantee it will get accomplished. And I am the old fashion pen and paper kind of gal- I live by my calendar.

I attribute pregnancy brain/ current state of being to the lack of sleep, stress, and worrying that comes along with being a rock star mamma. The way I battle this, and this is especially important because I also want my company to succeed, is making sure I get enough exercise throughout the week. I know this is not “new” or out of the ordinary, but I really feel exerciseclears the fog, so to speak. Sweating it out not only does the body good, but also helps my brain.

You can read the article here.