Anatomy Monday: Male Reproductive System

Our bodies can do amazing things!

Men are known for their physical strength and endurance.

Machines like no other; reproduction is no exception.

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June 26, 2017


The Travel Path

The travel path of exiting sperm is fairly intricate. From the testes, sperm will pass through the epidydimus to enter the vas deferens. This long tube makes a loop around the bladder to find the prostate. As the vas becomes the urethra, the seminal vesicle and prostate add specialized fluids to the mix. The urethra is the last portion of the trip that carries the sperm through and out the penis.


June 19, 2017


Annual Checkups Matter!

Did you know that testicular cancer more commonly occurs in younger males, while prostate cancer occurs more often in older males? Annual check ups save lives!




June 12, 2017


DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is the more potent metabolite of testosterone. It is created by the enzyme 5(alpha)-reductase. Inhibiting this enzyme is a therapy for prostate cancer.




June 5, 2017

Temperature Matters

The natural temperature of the human body is too warm for sperm to properly mature. The scrotum holds the testes slightly removed from the body so that a slightly cooler environment exists for this purpose.

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