Make This Workout Your Beach

Quick and effective workouts to try on the beach this summer

By Kayla Incorvaia

The beach is a great place for workouts-an open area with sand and water to use as resistance. Take a break from sunbathing in your beach chair and use the space at the beach for a short but effective workout. SHAPE Magazine listed 5 workouts to try at the beach and I’ve added my own awesome, must try variations:


1. Pick a visible target in the ocean and swim there and back at your fastest pace. Complete this 3 times.

*It doesn’t have to be a far off buoy, just pick a cute guy or girl and head their way.*


2. Stand in chest-high water and push off the ground to jump and tuck your legs into your chest to contract your abs. Complete 3 sets of 20.

*If you have a fear of being that deep, try jumping over the waves as they crash to shore. We all did it as kids, just this time tuck your knees up as high as you can towards your chest.*


3. Standing in chest-high water, place your arms out in front of you with palms down and begin moving your arms in a figure 8 motion. Then lift your legs up straight in front of you in a v-motion while keeping your head above the water. Complete 3 sets of 12.

*More of a land creature? You can do this one sitting in your lounge chair. Just put those full water bottles you packed for the beach day to good use. Do the same exercises holding two water bottles. Move on to leg lifts sitting or standing. You may bring attention to yourself, but hey! You will have the toned body everyone else is craving.*


4. In waist-deep water, squat down until your shoulders are below the surface of the water. Then explode up, pressing off of your heels and land back in a squat position. Complete 3 sets of 20.

*Try this one with a friend and see who can jump higher!*


5. In very shallow water, go down into palm-down plank position for 30 seconds. Then immediately do 12 pushups, keeping face out of the water. Complete 3 sets.

*This one just seems like fun! Try not to get too much sand down your bathing suit top!*


**ALWAYS be mindful of the currents in the water. Never complete these exercises in rough waters or if you easily become fatigued from swimming**


Visit for more on these workouts.

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