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JōbuFIT’s fitness program can be completed daily, 100% from your personal office space- be it a traditional cubicle or your personal setup in a quiet coffee shop corner.

Our Goal: sustainable high productivity all while you tone and stretch your hard-working body in 8 minutes or less.

Best Part: daily reminders direct to your inbox so you can stay Jōbu all week!

About Alessa Caridi

About Alessa Caridi

Alessa Caridi is a certified IM=X pilates instructor, artist, and dance technician.

What is JobuFIT?

What is JobuFIT?

JōbuFIT is modelled after the everyday workouts of the people of Japan-the world’s healthiest nation.

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Be Jōbu, Be FIT, Be Productive

Be Jōbu, Be FIT, Be Productive

Understanding what makes a person healthy and productive in the workplace is only the first step. Now it is time to put into practice the actions and strategies that will increase personal fitness, energy, and develop greater mental agility.
The real value behind a healthy living commitment is putting the JobuFIT program into action in your workplace.
So why JōbuFIT? Where did this lifestyle come from?
It comes from Japan!
In Japan, every morning, no matter one’s job, age, or social stature, the music begins and everyone takes the time to start their day with a brief stretch and awakening routine, known as (ラジオ体操), Rajio Taiso. Emulating Japanese healthy workplace living is our top goal at JōbuFIT.
When your body is properly aligned it is Jōbu ( 丈夫)- solid and strong.
Be Jōbu, Be like Japan
Be Jōbu, Be FIT, Be Productive

Be Jōbu, Be FIT, Be Productive

Increase your knowledge and put into practice good, jōbu-posture.
Follow the JōbuFIT setup for sustainable high performance in your office.
Make jōbu-posture your new normal, and, while you are at it, lower your risk of injury and illness.

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See what our clients say

“Alessa did a great job in sharing her expertise; we learned about the importance of proper posture and body alignment. We especially appreciated the opportunity to practice some helpful functional fitness routines which I have since incorporated into my daily life. I highly recommend her services.” (Dec ‘16)

- Joyce Madee, Life and Wellness Coach, Organizer of The Princeton Club’s Health and Wellness Group

“The whole room was encouraged that making such little corrections in our posture can revolutionize our attitude toward our work. I have felt stronger and more stable ever since!” - (Jan’17)

- Meredith B, Murray Hill Institute Host, NYC

Prior to JōbuFIT, I suffered extensive back and lower back problems. There were many days when I would wake up in pain, and it was only after a few hours into the day that my pain would subside to decently bearable levels. I would often sit in positions that I thought would be helpful in aiding these pains, but little did I know that my posture actually contributed to these existing pains. I decided something had to be done. That's when I was introduced to Alessa Caridi and JōbuFIT, and my life changed for the better. After a few short experiments with the exercise videos, I noticed that the problems that I was having with my back and lower back gradually started to improve. I make it a top priority to sit up nice and straight, no longer leaning more to one side or sitting while slightly hunched over. These are obviously conscious choices that an individual must make on his or her own, but it is imperative to understand that JōbuFIT and the wonderful individuals affiliated with this organization can provide insightful guidance and recommendations to help make you the best and healthiest that you can be! -

- student at Fordham University and editor for The Ish

"I had the great opportunity to work with Alessa during my first pregnancy and afterwards while we both were living in Okinawa, Japan. She's extremely knowledgeable and professional, a great mentor and health advocate. I felt strong and confident during childbirth and I honestly think it was because I continued to work with Alessa up until my 37th week of pregnancy. I also bounced back quickly after having baby and never felt better about my core strength. She's a fantastic trainer!"

- Allison T, mother of two

I have Alessa to thank for my love for Pilates. I took my first ever Pilates class with Alessa and have been hooked ever since. Alessa's teaching style is professional yet friendly which immediately puts you at ease. It is very quickly evident that you are in the hands of an expert who is there to help you reach your full potential

- Alice C - Fabric Developer, Burberry, UK

Alessa has such a positive attitude and is a wonderful instructor. I found her incredibly easy to relate to and she also understood my hectic schedule... Alessa was wonderful at continuously challenging me. I would recommend Alessa to everyone.

- A. Treece, Environmental Planner

I was looking for something that would complement my current fitness routine that could easily fit in during my lunch hour and not leave me a sweaty mess after. That’s when I found Alessa... she took the time to ease me into the movements and explain how they worked to strengthen and lengthen my muscles. I was hooked!

- A. Treece, Environmental Planner