Look Your Best, From the Inside Out: in Photos

Fashion isn’t just about what you wear it’s HOW you wear it and that makes posture king! That is also the reason I teamed up with Athleta Flatiron to help kick off their Friends + Family Sale with Power Posture Fashion Show.

At JōbuFIT, we understand that your body doesn’t only exist within the confines of your office place- even though it may seem that way some times.

We also know we live in a world of cameras and instant access to just about everything and you can be seen just as quickly. That is why I decided to curate this Power Posture Fashion Show. And, just incase you missed us at the event at Athleta Flatiron or live on facebook I have translated my favorite posture tip to help you look your best in photographs.

You can find them all in this FREE downloadable.

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And these tips don’t stop there, you can add them to your arsenal to help you feel and look great in just about any situation!

Check out the live stream of the Athleta Event on our Facebook Page.


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