Living Clean with Christina Schmohl

“As I continued to live the clean lifestyle, other areas of my life improved” 

Health and fitness guru Christina Lee Schmohl, from The Clean Methodshares her journey with us and explains how she never let her health complications take over her fitness lifestyle.

glamour photography, li photography, ny photographyQ: Have you always been a health and fitness guru or is this an interest you acquired over time?
A: I’ve always been interested. I grew up dancing and doing ballet (17 years). What I saw there were people with bad habits like eating disorders and bulimia. I saw empathy for these girls and wanted to help.

Q:  Social media sites are flooded with promoters of fad teas and unnatural supplements. What steered you away from that negative fitness environment and made you choose the “clean” fitness route?

A: For me it was just that if my heart isn’t in it then I can’t endorse it. I don’t want to give people information that I don’t believe in. Count chemicals not calories.
 What are some of the major challenges you had to overcome on your health and fitness journey?

A: The biggest struggle for me is that I get sick a lot. MY biggest breakthrough was 2 months ago. I was very sick and I decided not to focus on being sick but to focus on being well. It made me realize that fitness is so much more mental and that’s the biggest hurdle for anyone, including myself, to overcome.

screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-3-02-24-pmQ:  You said you dealt with health issues when you were younger. What were those issues? (if you feel comfortable sharing). How did you cope with those health issues? Did these issues interfere with your fitness goals?

A: GI issues, diagnoses from fibromyalgia, psoriasis, anemia, chronic migraines, hair loss, hormonal issues; my body was in a state of disarray. For me, I wanted to go back to the basics and figure out what was harming my health, physically and mentally.

Q:  Did your health issues ever get the best of you or leave you feeling discouraged?

A: Definitely. The hardest time was a 6-month period where I was so sick. It was very depressing because i worked so hard and spent so much money to build on my health and fitness to see it all go to waste. Everything happens for a reason and I felt uncomfortable but when we feel uncomfortable it empowers us to grow.

Q:  What are some pieces of advice that you can give to someone who is struggling with their health or to find motivation?

A: There’s a lot but if you want to get anywhere in life whether it’s your health, relationship, career, etc. you have to see yourself already there, mentally and physically, and the path will come. There’s not much of a difference in people’s mind that makes you motivated, it’s all a state of mind.

Q:  Do you have any home remedies that you swear on or that you perform/use regularly?

A: Yes. Coconut oil-I eat it, I put it in my hair, I give it to my dog… I used to eat apple cider vinegar. I always drink hot water and lemon in the morning. Everyday I take a walk. I put on lavender oil before bed on my collar bone or wrist; it’s just a soothing way to end the day. I keep my room dark to get my natural melatonin going and drink some natural sleepy time tea.

Q:  What is one piece of advice that you can offer to anyone who is striving to increase their health and fitness?

A: Believe you can do whatever you want for your body or life. Have a deep conviction about it. The words that you speak become engraved in you. You shouldn’t speak negatively about yourself or be critical of yourself because it will really negatively impact your self esteem. These are all things that I’ve had to do.


When it comes to improving your health and bettering your lifestyle, JōbuFIT and Christina Schmohl have a lot in common. Start your day Jōbu and continue strong and follow Christina’s clean eating advice and eat what’s in season.


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