Italian People Live over age 100

The short list to longevity 

Kayla Incorvaia

According to an article on, Alan Maisel, MD, a cardiologist at the University of California San Diego, conducted a study that lead him to discover a few tips that lead to a lifetime of longevity. The study was conducted in Acciaroli, a small Italian village south of Naples, Italy. Over one third of the village’s residents have lived past the age of 100, some up to the age 110.

The article stated that in Dr. Maisel’s research, he found a few commonalities among the residents that lead to his findings. He discovered that the residents incorporate anchovies and the plant rosemary in almost every meal. Anchovies and rosemary have a low profile for the health benefits they offer. The anchovies provide omega-3, a fatty acid that is not only essential for living, but can improve rheumatoid arthritis and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Commonly used in Europe, rosemary has been know to treat indigestion, improve memory and brain function, stimulate hair growth, increase concentration and reduce stress through aromatherapy. Rosemary has also been used to reduce the risk of cancer by preventing the replication of cancerous cells. This has been effective in preventing breast and colon cancer.

Another contributing factor to longevity according to is the relaxing lifestyle in Acciaroli. According to the article, the residents live a low-stress lifestyle. Instead of constantly striving to be better and focus on the future, they live in the moment. This peaceful mindset is also a derivative of omega-3. The fatty acid aids in brain function by protecting cells and neurons and increasing dopamine and seratonin.

In order to experience optimal benefits from omega-3, it is crucial to portion and balance with foods containing omega-6, like vegetable oils.

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