How-To Jōbu


We have gotten so many wonderful reviews from our users since we have launched!

And we must say a HUGE THANK YOU!

But, I would be remissed to not mention our 1 major critique: “I just can’t remember to complete my daily workouts.”


We know establishing new habits can be hard, but that’s what JōbuFIT should be:

Your New Healthy Habit.

Because: YOUR BODY AND YOUR BOSS will thank you!


So, we have decided to put together a few of our Jōbu- Reminder Tips. Try ’em out and see what works for you!

Here you go:

1.)  Do it First Thing: You wake up, brush your teeth, and get dressed. Get Jōbu just after! That way you won’t forget and, just like you prep your appearance, you can fortify your body for the day with JōbuFIT.


2.)  Timing is everything: Set an Alarm. Your make appointments for meetings and important phone calls. Create a daily calendar reminder for JōbuFIT.


3.)  Replace a not-so-great-habit with a healthy one➡ JōbuFIT: Instead of that afternoon candy bar, coffee run, or even cigarette get Jōbu with your functional fitness routine.


4.)  Hold each other accountable: Grab a buddy and Jōbu together. Everything works better when you have a teammate!


We believe in the health benefits of JōbuFIT. Make your physical health part of your everyday habits! #bejobu

Be FIT. Be Productive. Be Jōbu.


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