How to Deal With Stress At Work, the JōbuFIT Solution


Just in time for National Stress Awareness Month

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Stress is an awful downward spiral. Stress can have serious effect in many aspects of our lives- from family relationships to fun with friends, and even creating a successful career.

How to Deal With Stress At Work

Physical and mental stress very often go hand in hand. When you are mentally stressed, it leads to physical stress. When you are physically stressed, it leads to additional mental stress. A harmful cycle that can be difficult to break especially while in a professional setting like your workplace.

This is not new news, BUT the solution is new:  JōbuFIT.

Break this harmful cycle in your workplace with movements that you can add into our day to help de-stress and be more productive. Get moving from the one place you HAVE TO be: your job. No matter where your job takes you, no need to change your clothes, and your body and boss will say thank you!



How to deal with stress at work? JōbuFIT.

S T A R T   H E R E

JobuFIT Workout How to deal with stress at work

Your JōbuFIT subscription:

  • 8-min or LESS workouts (less time than it takes to get a latte)
  • Complete your workout from your workplace- wherever that may be
  • No need to change your clothes, we even do the workout in heels!
  • Videos rotate so each month your will get a total body workout
  • Rotating workouts give you enough time to master the routine (mind and body) but not enough time to get bored
  • Created for Every Body -> no previous fitness experience required, but challenging enough for even the most seasoned athlete
  • Focus on Proper Posture to build a strong body that is ready to take on the day



Did You Know:

Your body, designed to have a certain alignment, has built-in curves and shock absorbers. When functioning within this alignment your body is at its strongest, and will help you deal with stress at work. When the alignment is altered it affects your everyday functions.

JōbuFIT’s education in movement and proper body alignment will:

  • Increase productivity
  • Give you a moment to stepback and de-stress
  • Reduce risk of injury and illness
  • Increase energy

Why Alessa, creator of JōbuFIT, is so passionate about bringing movement to your workplace

It’s simple, really: Sitting is the new smoking and leads to stress in the workplace and beyond. But, we need to sit to accomplish everyday activities: emails, dinning, travel, and even TV time. Alessa believes in the power of movement to heal, destress, and energize; she has a BA in Dance from University of California, Los Angeles and is a certified Pilates Instructor, owning her own studio in two countries. It is from her time in Japan that Alessa created this workplace movement lifestyle, and how to deal with stress at work, JōbuFIT.


JōbuFIT’s specialty is movement. Movements to lower stress, increase productivity, and build a strong body all from the one place we have to be: the workplace


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