A Saturday at the Symposium

My love for fashion is rivaled only by my love for fitness.

That is why I am so happy to be a part- no matter how small- of the 2017 Fashion Intelligence Symposium at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC.


Alessa speaking about in importance of posture on the FIT stage


Below are photos of the stretches we did today in our Jōbu- Intermissions. These are moves that can be completed from your workspace, wherever that may be; and an auditorium works just great too. For more moves like these check out our sitting stretches blog post.


The Wrist Stretch

We don’t pay enough attention to our wrists. Weather we are typing, writing, or TEXTING, your wrists need a break too. So flex and bend your wrists up and down and pull with the opposite hand. Just don’t hold either position for too long you don’t want to overextend .



The Shoulder Stretch

Start with your chin tucked down and swing one arm over your head. Using the other hand grab the elbow and lift your chin up. This is great to stretch arms, neck, and release tension in the shoulders. Just don’t forget to do the other side.



The Hip Stretch

Many people sit for long periods of time in this position and never switch sides. That is why this stretch is so important. Just make sure you press down on the front of your knee, not up on your femur (or quad). This will insure you don’t put excess pressure on your knees. Just don’t forget to stretch both sides!




Remember sitting is the new smoking, you can better protect your body by practicing the JŌBU-SETUP.

Check out all the steps here.

I hope you enjoyed the event as much as I did! 

Be FIT. Be Productive. Be Jōbu.

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