Ergonomic: the new DIRTY word


relating to or designed for efficiency and comfort in the working environment.

(Google’s never wrong ?)

My new DIRTY word.
Why do I think ergonomic is such a *dirty* word?
Because it is telling us: don’t worry about yourself, let something external take care of your body.

So let me say this: I don’t care if you spend a million dollars on an ergonomic chair that has it all. If you don’t know how your body works, the chair is working against you. 

And, guess what?! You will end up spending more of your hard-earned money on other “external solutions”. When the real answer actually does come from within.

That is why, JōbuFIT’s number ONE goal is to protect your body through proper posture and functional fitness.

We have the Jōbu-Setup

The Sitting Stretches

Moves to De-Stress

and How to Stand the JōbuFIT Way

All of these things can be done sitting on a ROCK! And rocks are F R E E!

So let’s bring body awareness back to the workplace and solve this
“sitting is the new smoking” epidemic. 

If I haven’t already made it abundantly clear: no, it’s not about the chair you sit in, or even if you like to stand- because that is a whole different can or worms- it is about HOW your are sitting and standing.


That is what this October, National Spinal Health Month, is all about.
So I am sending out my own kind of SOS.
The kind that says,


The best way to practice proper posture and build a strong body: Add JōbuFIT to your work day. And, in honor of National Spinal Health Month, get your next 3 months of JōbuFIT for $30

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