The Rundown of Stress Relief

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Why is Alessa so passionate about bringing simple, powerful exercises to those of us who sit all day long?

It’s simple, really, Sitting is the New Smoking – and brings a laundry list of health issues with it. So try the Jōbu Setup and build a strong foundation your body can function properly on.

Join the movement and add simple workouts and stretches you can complete all from your personal work-space.

Keep your body strong, healthy AND lower stress!



 Let’s Talk How Stress Affects the Body

Stress is detrimental to both your body and your mind. When you are mentally stressed, it leads to physical stress. When you are physically stressed, it leads to additional mental stress. A harmful cycle that can be difficult to break.

Stress can also lead to stress eating, here’s why:

  • we need to think of our brains as muscles
  • when we over-work a muscle we need to refuel and one way to refuel is to eat
  • do we need food or are we just ‘coping’

How can we curb our stress eating?  Try these:

  • These will help prevent stress eating because it will force your body to use stored energy and in turn reduce food cravings- you may even lose weight!


Let’s Get Physical

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