The Case for JōbuFIT: battle workplace stress and stress eating with a new healthy change

Your chosen profession is stressful. JōbuFIT is here to battle workplace stress and stress eating.

The work you do puts stress on your body and mind. So, let JōbuFIT’s 8-min or less daily workouts be the solution your busy day needs to de-stress, build a strong body, and even lose weight!

In the Jōbu-Blog we’ve been talking about sitting correctly, stretching to give your body a break and to reinvigorate, and even how to live healthy on the weekends and while traveling.

If you’ve been following us, we’ve even made healthy eating suggestions with our eating what’s in season posts.

So what about eating while you are in-office?


Did you know that eating while stressed can impair you from properly absorbing the vitamins and minerals in your food? It is true. #themoreyouknow


⬇⬇So what can you do if your job is stressful and

your office place doesn’t offer healthy eating options? ⬇⬇

COMMIT TO 5- 10 minutes of exercise after stress and before you eat.


The science from the Exercise Following Mental Health Study (Neumeier, Goodner, Biasini, Dhurandhar, Menear, Turan, Hunter, 2016):

The brain hogs all the glucose (energy) when you commit to a stressful project. Think of your brain as a muscle: moving the muscle requires blood. So, when you are “thinking hard” more blood gets pushed into your brain, bringing with it extra glucose for energy.

Because your brain is hogging the blood and energy, the rest of your body will begin to fatigue. You are now in Negative Energy.

Your body now NEEDS to replace the energy your brain has stolen. So your body wants to call on its energy reserves. But it does not want to give up its reserves easily, so, instead, you begin to feel hungry. This is your body telling you, “eat to replace the lost energy”. Now, I am by no means telling you to starve yourself. Your body is begging for energy!  So, I am saying take 5- 10 minutes to do a small workout and your body will pull the energy from its reserves ⇒ for example, your fat cells.

Another HUGE benefit showed in the Exercise Following Mental Work study completed by the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Texas Tech University supporting all this: those who exercised after a stressful work project ended up eating less because they went into Positive Energy from the exercise, so their bodies required less food to replace the energy lost.


What exercises do you do after a stressful work project?

This is where JōbuFIT comes in.

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Your body will gain the added energy it needs. Your boss will be happy that you can push through the toughest of days. And you might even lose the extra weight you have been working on and tone those muscles all from your desk!


You make healthy choices with your food to help your body from the inside. Now battle workplace stress, help your forever sitting body from the outside: give JōbuFIT a try!


BE PRODUCTIVE. BE JŌBU.jobufit-panoramico2


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