A Day at Athleta 5th Ave: Women’s Health and Fitness Day for Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

Happy Women’s Entrepreneurship Day! (November 19th)

Check out all the Fun we had at Athleta 5th Ave, NYC

This Health and Fitness Day at Athleta was an amazing event. And organizing this event has been a true labor of love.  I am so happy I took on this project because I am a true believer in the power of the human body and know that if we don’t properly take care of the one we have the rest of our lives- both professionally and personally- will suffer.

The Goal of the 1st WED: Women’s Health and Fitness Day is to bring body awareness to the hard-working boss women of the world. With all of our priorities beyond our careers, our physical health is often the most easily forgotten. My hope is that this day reignites a love for fitness and self-care both in the workplace and beyond! I must acknowledge the amazing help I’ve had in planning this day: a thank you to Wendy Diamond; without her passion and drive for helping women entrepreneurs around the world the WED Organization and this day would not be possible. A very loud thank you to the Athleta store and team for hosting us and never saying no to my requests. Thank you to our great instructors for their donation of time and passion for fitness. Thank you to our panel of doctors for being a sounding board for all women’s health questions. Thank you to our experience vendors and food vendors for their donation of time and products! And a special thank you to the event manager, Carmen, and my co-organizer, Cheryl Paris, this day would not be possible without your support, enthusiasm, and aid.


If you missed the event, check out some of the amazing moments of the day. If you were there in all the high energy, we hope these photos will live fondly with you.

Be FIT. Be Productive. Be Jōbu.

WED: Women’s Health and Fitness Day at Athleta 5th Ave 18 November, 2017


Gina and Jennifer from Green Pear Catering and their wonderful lunch time spread.


Miriam from the T Salon


Power Posture: Increase Productivity in the Workplace and Beyond!



Lunch and Q & A with our amazing Doctor Panel


From Left: Wukkout! and Aero3 Boxing Classes in the Athleta Studio


From Left: Mat Pilates and Belly*Bolly*Bongra in the Athleta Studio


Be FIT. Strong Women. Be Jōbu.