Anatomy Monday: Your Heart

The Human Body is Amazing.

And the Heart is no small wonder.

We only get one body.

Learn about it, so you can protect it– especially your heart.


26 February, 2018

I am a broken record

Do you sit on your bum all day long? We have all heard, “sitting is the new smoking.” Well, excessive amounts of sitting have been linked to a greater risk of heart disease! Countless studies have proven this.

So… Let’s. Get. Moving!



19 February, 2018

150 Minutes

Do you have a low fitness level? You could be at a greater risk of heart disease- double the risk in fact! The American Heart Association suggests 150min of activity every week. Do JōbuFIT from your work space daily and you are on your way to a healthy heart!



12 February, 2018

How Big is Your Heart

The size of your heart is specific to your body. Want to know just how big yours is? Make a fist. A healthy heart is about the size of your fist.



5 February, 2018 


It never stops

The adult human heart beats about 100,000 times per day. It’s the organ that never stops. It’s the heardest working, most critical muscle in your body- it’s what keeps you alive!


JōbuFIT cares about your heart.

This American Heart Health Month, devote a bit more time to movement; help your health, your heart, your productivity!

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