Anatomy Monday: GI Tract Too!

We eat.

We Digest and process food through different organs.

OH! Our amazing bodies!

Learn about your body. Protect it. Choose your food wisely.

You only get one body. There are no trade-ins.



30 January, 2017

Your Pancreas

The pancreas may seem insignificant based on relative size, but its two main functions are critical to your metabolic balance. First, it is the primary source of enzymes capable of digesting lipids and fats that you digest. Second, if its hormonal regulation of carbohydrate digestion is thrown off, then one might be at risk for developing diabetes.


23 January, 2017

Your Spleen

You can think of the spleen as a large reservoir of red blood cells. It’s primary job is to survey the bloodstream for old red blood cells and infectious agents.


16 January, 2017

Your Gallbladder

The gallbladder is the small neighbor to your liver. It helps the liver get rid of old red blood cells, and staying well-hydrated keeps it very happy.


9 January, 2017

Your Liver

The liver has many diverse functions within your body, most of which can only be performed by the liver. This organ houses energy stores, detoxifies ingested foods, and filters toxins that find their way into your blood stream. Take good care of this important organ by avoiding excessive amounts of alcohol and acetaminophen.



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