Anatomy Monday: Cardiovascular System

Poems and Songs tell us we feel with our heart.

We know now that is not true.

But this does not make our hearts any less valuable.

Learn and understand how your Cardiovascular System works.

Protect your body.

We only get one body- there are no upgrades or trade-ins.


1 Nov, 2016

The Importance of the Flow of Blood

Atherosclerosis is the buildup of fats or lipids within the walls of our arteries. One cause of chest pain is when an artery in the heart becomes “clogged” by lipids so that blood cannot adequately flow through it during physical activity. Without proper blood flow, the heart is deprived of oxygen and cannot pump as hard as it would like during exercise.


24 October, 2016

Our Beating Heart

There are specialized cells in our hearts that coordinate the muscle contractions of our hearts. They have an intrinsic rhythm that allows them to dictate our hearts’ beating WITHOUT input from the brain. Our brain only gets involved when our heart rate needs to be slowed down or sped up.


17 October,2016

The Three Arteries

There are 3 very important arteries that supply each of our hearts. The left anterior descending artery runs down the front of your heart.  The right coronary artery runs along the bottom of your heart. And,finally, the circumflex artery runs down the back of your heart


10 October, 2016

The FOUR Chambers, The FOUR Jobs

Your heart is made up 0f 4 chambers that have 4 distinct health implications, or jobs: 1)Right atrium collects the venous blood from circulation. 2) Right ventricle pumps the blood to the lungs for oxygenation. 3) Left atrium gathers the oxygen-rich blood from both lungs. And 4) Left ventricle is the STRONGEST chamber of the heart that must pump the blood to the whole body!



3 October, 2016

Your Heart

Your heart IS a muscle!

It requires energy to keep your blood pumping at all hours of the day, and regular exercise can make that pumping more efficient.




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