Anatomy Monday: Your Brain

Your Body is an Amazing Machine.

Your Heart Never Stops Beating.

Your Lungs Never Stop Breathing.

And Your Brain Never Shuts Down.

Learn about your body – your brain – so you can treat it well.



16 July 2018

The Brainstem

Your spine is connected to your brain via the brainstem. Primary functions of the brainstem include: relaying information between the brain and the body and controlling the heart, breathing and consciousness. The brainstem actually moves you!


9 July 2018

Brain- Body Connection

About 60% of all visits to a doctor for physical ailments can be attributed to psychological factors– that’s how strong the brain-body connection is. Long story short: studies show your brain may be tricking your body into feeling ill. That’s why we reccommend, a balanced diet, proper posture, and movement!



2 July 2018


The Elements: Water and Air

When awake, your brain generates 10 – 23 watts of power. That’s enough to power a light bulb! To manage this, your brain needs 20% of all the oxygen in your body and is composed of 75% water.



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