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JōbuFIT, conceived in Japan:

JōbuFIT is a workplace wellness program modeled after the everyday workout of the people of Japan- one of the world’s healthiest nations. In Japan every morning, no matter one’s job, age, or social stature, the music begins and everyone takes the time to start their day with a brief stretch and awakening routine, known as (ラジオ体操) Rajio Taiso. Seeing this healthy lifestyle everyday while in Japan, Alessa knew this healthy habit belonged in the west. This is where JōbuFIT was conceived.

Translating ラジオ体操 to America:

Returning from Japan, Alessa traveled around NYC to try out her new program on busy working professionals. From their feedback, Beta Testing in small businesses, and a drive to create the best, most effective product the JōbuFIT Subscription was created!

JōbuFIT is designed to be completed daily, 100% from your personal work space in 8 minutes or less. These functional fitness workouts are designed to build strong bodies through proper posture and routines that rotate every Monday; enough time to master the video, but not enough time to get bored. Best Part: no need to change your work clothing, we even do the workouts in heels!

So much more than just 8 minute or less videos:

Check out our Blog! Our weekly post Anatomy Monday is written to help you learn more about and protect your body in the workplace and beyond. We create Weekly Playlists so you stay productive even if your energy levels dive off a cliff. We post about current Health Topics that Effect Your Body in the workplace and offer #jobufitquickfix to help you stay Jōbu even after the videos finish.

Get more out of your video subscription: follow the #moveoftheweek  and the #stretchoftheweek on our Instagram Page We dive deeper into one move and one stretch in the week’s video routine.

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Who can be Jōbu?

  • Traditional Office Professional: workout, protect your body, increase productivity.
  • Traveling Professionals: take your physical fitness with you; wherever you have to be, JōbuFIT follows.
  • Stay at Home Parents: complete a workout in less time than it takes the kiddies to eat lunch! And help build a strong body to run, play, and pick up those growing little humans ?
  • Retirees: Daily routines keep your body limber and mobile and most videos are completed from your chair.


Did you know…

Your body, designed to have a certain alignment, has built-in curves and shock absorbers. When functioning within this alignment your body is at its strongest, most Jōbu. When the alignment is altered it affects your everyday functions, and productivity levels in your work place suffer. The JōbuFIT Setup video can get you aligned when seated by showing you how to make the correct adjustments to your body. Sustainable high performance is possible when you follow The JōbuFIT Setup and commit to the 8-min or less videos.

Create your new normal and your new strong. #bejobu




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JōbuFIT workout; workout in your personal work space and be jobufit!
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